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Martin L. Supowitz, DMD, MSD

5 out of 5 stars based on 45 reviews.

Patient Review by Andrea M

Dr. Martin Supowitz: He is “Simply The Best, better than all the rest.” I came to Dr. Supowitz with a mouthful of hideous jagged plastic teeth that my former dentist created to remedy his failed broken bridgework. It was horrible; I was devastated. Dr. Supowitz assured me that he could repair and restore my smile. Patiently, over many months and many procedures, he created beautiful porcelain teeth. With absolute attention to detail, his work is impeccable. He is a perfectionist, an artist, who provided careful and considerate care. His office is attractive and comfortable and his staff was always courteous, efficient and supportive. My smile is restored. Thank you, Dr. Supowitz. Sincerely, Andrea M.

- Andrea M

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Patient Review by PHILIP N

I was in an unfortunate accident where I skied into a tree. Despite chipping my front upper and lower teeth, Dr. Marty fixed my smile with a natural-appearing crown on my front tooth in addition to other more subtle interventions to my lower teeth. My pre-accident appearance and smile have been restored when, at one point, it seemed that this would not be possible. I am grateful for Dr. Marty's attention to detail in fixing my smile.


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Patient Review by Shannon S

Dr. Supowtiz and his staff are incredible! We were on a time crunch to get my veneers done for my wedding in September, I didn’t think it was going to be possible but they worked a miracle! Because of Dr. Marty and his staff I was able to feel like a beautiful, confident Bride!

- Shannon S

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Patient Review by Vonnie M

It would be very hard for me to allow anyone else to provide for my dental needs. Ten years ago this year, I entered the beautiful, clean, friendly office of Dr. Marty Supowitz. I was scared, full of anxiety, apprehensive, basically…I was an emotional wreck. Before I met Dr. Supowitz I was under the care of an inexperienced Prosthodontist, when thankfully my orthodontist Dr. Diane Karnavas intervened and recommended Dr. Marty Supowitz. Dr. Karnavas stated to me…”I have heard he is the best around.” I think Dr. Supowitz would agree that I was a challenge, but I also think he thrives on challenges. His care and determination to correct the mess I was in helped me get through a very difficult time. His attention to detail simply amazed me. I was relieved to finally be in the hands of an expert doctor who truly cares about a job well done. Thank you Dr. Supowitz!

- Vonnie M

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Patient Review by Martha B

Dr. Marty is simply the BEST DENTIST I’ve ever gone to! He has that rare combination of vast dental knowledge, many years of experience + teaching, technical expertise, fine craftsmanship, and the ability to explain procedures clearly. He is able to identify problem areas, come up with a treatment plan, & execute it efficiently using the latest techniques and dental protocols. Dr. Marty’s loyal staff is also terrific. They, too, are knowledgeable, friendly & skillful. One important hallmark of Dr. Marty’s practice is CARING. As a patient, you become part of Dr. Marty’s “dental family” & you are treated that way. I actually look forward to going to the dentist – it is like seeing old friends! Dr. Marty’s offices are modern and bright. With covid & viruses in mind, they have taken special precautions with air quality & procedures. Dr. Marty changed my mouth so much for the better. I will always be indebted to him and his team for their outstanding work. I highly recommend Dr. Marty for all of your dental needs.

- Martha B

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Patient Review by Joseph K

My mom is over 80 years old and needed multiple extractions and dental implants. My mom was apprehensive and bruises easily. She proceeded with treatment and the surgical time was approximately 3 hours as anticipated. Dr Ally and her team did an amazing job. My mom awoke the next day with zero bruising and very little pain . She had access to over the counter meds which she did not need . I was blown away by the results and thankful for the surgeon and her team ....... Thank You ! signed Dr Kielur, concerned son . - Joseph K

- Joseph K

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Patient Review by Daniel B

Absolute best office in city for an implant crown and I have had a few elsewhere. Perfect shade (cannot tell its not my own tooth) and the bite is right on!!! Dr. Marty is a perfectionist! I highly recommend this practice.

- Daniel B

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Patient Review by Susan W

Dr Marty and Staff. Please allow me to express my thanks for the professional care and kindness you have shown me. I feel very lucky that I was referred to you as my situation was very complicated. Everything you did for me was the highest quality. You, your staff and your wife combine to make an outstanding dental practice.Thanks again. Susan Wetzel

- Susan W

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Patient Review by A. M

I was distraught and in a panic. I was under the care of another dentist, a prosthodontist...but I was dentally a mess. Fortunately, a friend of my husband, who is our "go to" person for physician recommendations, directed me to Dr. Marty. Not to belittle the previous dentist, but the skill set of Dr. Marty was extraordinary--in a different league. He saved me, he changed my life. But what is most important is that he was always concerned about me. I am forever greatful. Thank you!

- A. M

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Patient Review by Jonathan D

From my initial visit to my very last, Dr. Supowitz and his staff welcomed me with open arms and professional care. I just received my implant crown from Dr. Supowitz and I am beyond grateful for all the hard work he and his staff have provided me. He is meticulous, kind, patient, and a perfectionist. His attention to detail is truly breathtaking and greatly appreciated. Dr. Supowitz reinvented his office to assure the safety of his staff and patients against COVID-19. From the very beginning of my implant process I felt confident and comfortable being a patient of Dr. Supowitz. He explained every detail of the process to me thoroughly and answered any questions or concerns I had. Not only is Dr. Supowitz the best at what he does he is also very genuine and someone who you can talk to on a personal level. It’s been one week since I got my implant crown and I have already received numerous compliments about how great it looks. Dr. Supowitz is truly amazing at what he does. - Jonathan D

- Jonathan D

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Patient Review by Susan S

Dr. Supowitz and his caring staff are friendly, professional, thoughtful, and kind. Dr Supowitz has performed several different kinds of procedures on me and my husband over the years and we are always pleased with the skilled results. He is a perfectionist and an artist! It is also wonderful that he can attend to you immediately in an emergency. I cannot recommend him too highly.

- Susan S

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Patient Review by Peter M

I started with Dr. Marty and his Staff two years ago, and in front of a long process of full implant restoration. As most people, one can not know fully what anything entails or the reasoning and timing of it. FIrst I will say my restoration had a full 3 stage (or so as I reflect) process to it, and it was involved, and was so for best results that I enjoy today. They simply required time. I said to him just yesterday that only now could I understand the nature and reason for the process, and by the final result it is known. I have to add, as dedication goes, he exceeds current standards in technical process and results. I can say that his staff is kind and generous with felt earnestness. I can say I had no real problematic issues, but only one time I needed to see him, and I got dropped into the schedule easily. Furthermore on personal attention, on several occasions I was his only client for all of the day, and on some days I left his office after rush hour, which means that so did he and some of his staff members also. They are all charming and smart souls. I always joked that the could have been a Jewler, or Swiss watchmaker for his demand for exactness and perfection; still also agreeing to the fact that what he makes manifest needs to be far more durable as well as look “So Good”. I am grateful to him and his staff for being so open and responsive to communicaiton contact when necessary, and of course, the work and results and smile he has made for me. All Thanks to Dr. Marty and Company

- Peter M

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Patient Review by Alice S

Dr. Supowitz has been a life saver! I was the victim of horrible dental work when I was referred to Dr. Supowitz. He turned a dental disaster into a dental masterpiece! I had to get multiple dental implants and multiple crowns replaced. I couldn't be happier with the work and care that I received from Dr. Supowitz and his team. They go above and beyond anything I could have imagined.

- Alice S

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Patient Review by R F

The best dentist in the city, country, world Patient Precise Superb technically Gentle Kind Office environment welcoming, soothing, bright, cheerful Staff a reflection of Dr S All make dental appointments fun, fearless and highly successful

- R F

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Patient Review by Peter M

I told him the job he did for me was part architect-part sculpter- part-jeweler- and part repair and restoration. Truly an Artist and the care and disposition of a remarkable Human call it OOLTRA-PROFESSIONAL is not an understatement. Results ? Well Beyond what I thought WAS POSSIBLE...All the Best DR. Supowitz et al. :> !

- Peter M

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Patient Review by Laurie M

I drove to Pittsburgh from New York City to see Dr. Supowitz. He is that good. I have the utmost confidence in his skills. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Laurie M

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Patient Review by V. K

Dear Dr. Marty, Thank you for spending so much time with me explaining everything. I really appreciated it! I look forward to seeing you again.

- V. K

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Patient Review by Norman B

My wife and I have gone to Marty Supowitz for over 30 years! I always like to say, "Marty, keep me chewing!" And he has! I'm not sure there is even another dentist in the area where patients would even hug the dental assistants and hygienists. Marty's staff are the best, they make it a joy to get one's teeth cleaned.

- Norman B

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Patient Review by Julie M

I wanted to thank you again for coming to the rescue of my mouth (and my sanity) on a Sunday! I tell everyone that I have the best dentist in town without hesitation! Thank you for all of you help, patience and perfectionism (did I mention professionalism too?) !! I trust you like a dear friend and I appreciate that you always treat me like one, Thank you again and again....J

- Julie M

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Patient Review by CJK

Dr. Supowitz made dental crowns for me and fitted them in my mouth two weeks ago. He took the utmost care to build the crowns and make adjustments to ensure that the crowns fit properly. Since the very first day when I received my implant crowns, I have been extremely happy with them. The best compliment to Dr. Supoqitz's work is that I am not even aware that I have new crowns in my mouth. Prior to seeing Dr. Supowitz, I was having trouble with chewing and eating and often relied on soup because of its soft texture. I am confident that I have found a dentist who understands my dental needs and has a plan to address them in the best possible manner. Thank you, Dr. Supowitz!


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Patient Review by Susan S

I have nothing but superlatives to describe the professional, thoughtful, and kind care I have received from Dr. Supowitz and his entire office staff. I know that I receive nothing but the most attentive and careful attention and, also, that he would be available for any emergency. I cannot recommend him too highly.

- Susan S

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Patient Review by Jeffrey B

There is absolutely nowhere else to go for implants or crowns than Dr. Supowitz. From the beginning to the end of the process, Dr. Supowitz guided the entire experience with care and expertise. The end product of three implants and five crowns are absolutely perfect. Not only did Dr. Supowitz complete my implants and crowns, but he identified a teeth grinding issue I never knew existed. Dr. Supowitz personally designed a mouth appliance to wear while I sleep. The intention of the appliance is to prevent premature wearing of my teeth from involuntary nocturnal grinding. The appliance actually makes my teeth feel better, eliminating teeth stress discomfort I thought was normal. If you are considering implants, crowns or an all around dental specialist, the only choice is Dr. Supowitz. Oh, and while you are there, be certain to have a teeth cleaning with Chloe. After Chloe diligently cleans your teeth, you will agree, any other prior cleaning was a waste of time. Just another prime example that Dr. Supowitz and his staff excel at being the best. Thanks for ALL the great care!

- Jeffrey B

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Patient Review by Jim J.

I was referred to Dr. Supowitz by my previous dentist in Columbus. I needed many crowns—some because of huge fillings crumbling and others because of bite and cosmetic issues. When I was younger, I didn’t have the money to take care of my teeth the way I would have liked to. Now having the resources, I saw Dr. Supowitz in addition to another prosthodontist and a flashy regular dentist for opinions. I chose Dr. Supowitz because I went with my intuition—it served me well. The end result—my smile looks great and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to Dr. Supowitz and his staff. They really care.

- Jim J.

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Patient Review by Colleen A.

Thank you so very much for all of your assistance and wonderful care for Thom. You’re a “fabulous” doctor!!

- Colleen A.

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Patient Review by Kendall H.

My first appointment with Dr. Supowitz was in November of 2013. I came to him after being tossed around to different dentists/periodontists in the Pittsburgh area, all of which had given up on my problems and any solutions to solve them. In August of 2013 I had a crown lengthening procedure done by a periodontist in the Pittsburgh area. Not only did that not go well, but the temporary crowns that had been created to hold me over until my gums healed were atrocious. It had been three months since my gum lengthening procedure and my gums were no where near healed. This is when I decided to see Dr. Supowitz. Even though he had nothing to do with my gum or crown procedures before November, he took me on and made me feel very confident that we would find a solution, regardless of how long it took. He crafted beautiful temporary crowns and also performed another gum procedure. Both of these things spurred more gum healing than I had seen in three months. I just got my final crowns put in, and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Supowitz takes pride in his work, and more than likely has higher standards than most of the patients that he sees. He was the only professional that didn’t shy away from the challenge that my gums presented, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. My crowns are a perfect match to the rest of my teeth, and I’m so proud to show them off now! Thank you Dr. Supowitz!

- Kendall H.

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Patient Review by L M.

I went to Dr Supowitz recently because I wanted a smile makeover. His office was clean, modern and the staff was nice as well as very professional. Dr Supowitz spent an extensive amount of time with me both performing a dental exam as well as finding out what I wanted. His dental hygienist took x-rays and he took models. At a later appointment he explained his recommendations in depth both with my photos and with photos of similar cases. My smile makeover was completed last month! Words cannot express what the makeover has done for my appearance as well as for my self-esteem. Thank you Dr. Supowitz!

- L M.

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Patient Review by P S.

I did a lot of research before I chose a “smile doctor” and I was beyond satisfied with Dr. Supowitz’s professionalism, care, and the results achieved after working with him. I get compliments on my smile nearly every day. There are a lot of prosthodontists out there and even more dentists, and I have seen people get work done that is obvious and unbecoming by other doctors. Dr. Supowitz’s results are SO MUCH better than any I have seen, and he really knows how to make your smile fit your entire face, not just your mouth. There’s a reason he comes so highly recommended! He made me feel comfortable and was very personable, and I always know he’s doing what’s best for me AND my budget. I wish I could give Dr. Marty 10 stars.

- P S.

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Patient Review by G S.

I’ve been to Dr. Supowitz’s office many times over the past two years. I travel to Pittsburgh several times a year for business. Dr. Supowitz was recommended to me by a manager in our firm. The staff that greets you is great. They are punctual, prepared for your arrival & very friendly. The Doctor & his hygienists made me feel very comfortable. I know the questions & concerns I had are not unique but they put my mind at ease. The quality of the work is amazing. When I look at my restored teeth, the match is so perfect that I cannot tell which ones have had work done. Although I live in New York, I plan on continuing to have my dental work done by Dr. Supowitz. Thanks again.

- G S.

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Patient Review by R K.

My father, my wife and I have all used your services. On a scale of one to ten, your work has always been an eleven! Your artistry has allowed me to have a natural smile again. Thanks. Roger K.

- R K.

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Patient Review by Roseann B.

I had always been a nervous patient as a result of a childhood dental experience. For years, I had my kleenix “security blanket’ in hand for any appointment. Then we were introduced to Dr. Supowitz. What a difference! Dr. Supowitz is gentle, kind and very thoughtful. He is very thorough and takes as much time as needed. What a wonderful asset to the profession. I would highly recommend Dr. Supowitz.

- Roseann B.

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Patient Review by Norman B.

Dr. Supowitz has been our dentist for decades, we find him most professional and his staff friendly and cheerful. Can you imagine, it’s fun to go to the dentist. Marty has kept my teeth in my mouth, not in a container next to my bed at night. As a pre-floride in the drinking water kid, I am glad to say I still have my teeth, thanks to the care and supervision of Marty and staff. New equipment and procedures are a hallmark of the services one receives at Supowitz dentistry.

- Norman B.

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Patient Review by LHC

The story of my dental history is a long, frustrating and expensive one. I have a history of bad genetics and unfortunately, some not so great dentistry. Until I met Dr. Supowitz. I have been working with him for the last two yrs. and have been nothing less than extremely happy. Obviously the results are great. But besides that, Dr. Supowitz has been so generous with his time and attention. I’ve even made personal phone calls to him, under extreme circumstances, and he didn’t even think twice to talk to me. Once was @ 7 a.m and he was on vacation! Another time, my husband called him while he was out to dinner and he didn’t think twice to talk! Dr. Supowitz was nothing less than my hero. He is amazing–as well as all of the staff there. I highly recommend Dr. Supowitz for anyone, but especially for those in need of restoration.


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Patient Review by Mary Jo B

Dr. Supowitz analyzes the situation, develops an objective and fulfills the goal with superior end results. Dr. Supowitz and his office staff are professional, courteous and perform with the utmost dedication to quality care with a focus on a germ-free sterilized working environment. My experience was extremely satisfying. Dr. Supowitz gave me my smile back without any indication there was ever a problem. I would recommend him without a doubt to everyone. In todays medical profession, it is often rare to find such a caring perfectionist with the utmost skill, compassion and dedication to treat a patient with an element of precision under the standard of excellence. With utmost sincerity, I thank you for everything!

- Mary Jo B

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Patient Review by Joanne & Bill S.

….very happy with the dental service; but especially pleased with the sincere interest shown by you. It is greatly appreciated.

- Joanne & Bill S.

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Patient Review by Kathy W.

I think the smile on my face shows very well the good work you did! You are a master in your profession.

- Kathy W.

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Patient Review by Diane T.

Thank you so much for making my dental experience so positive. You are an artist and a genius.

- Diane T.

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Patient Review by Hal P.

It’s been 17 years since you restored my whole mouth. Apparently, in terms of the average life of crowned teeth, 17 years is an amazingly long time especially considering that I have had no problems or replacement of any of your work. During that period I have had my teeth cleaned in Australia, England and several offices around the U.S. The reaction from every dental expert who has examined them is: “This is beautiful work—great fit, color and bite. Who did this work?” My answer: “Marty Supowitz, an absolute crazy perfectionist, who painstakingly incorporates his work into his patients’ mouths.” Marty, I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the investment I made with you. I am now 55 and I’m going to see if I can keep them for a good while longer. Thank you again, so much.

- Hal P.

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Patient Review by Jack B.

…. you deserve every bit of recognition. All of the individuals I referred to you have expressed to me personally, the same awareness of your sincere, personal attention.

- Jack B.

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Patient Review by Marg G.

Thank you for your outstanding care. You’ll have decades more of appreciative patients with your concern, thoroughness and smiles.

- Marg G.

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Patient Review by Eileen & Rick S.

We saw that you were once again in the Top Dentist list in the recent Pittsburgh Magazine. We were disappointed that it covered only Southwestern Pennsylvania. We believe that it should have included, at the very least, the Northeastern United States. It’s been our good fortune to have benefited from your services for over sixteen years and, hopefully this will continue for many more years.

- Eileen & Rick S.

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Patient Review by Ellaine R.

I appreciate all of your extra efforts. The end result was worth it!

- Ellaine R.

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Patient Review by Andy W.

In my family we do not refer to you by name…we simply refer to you as “The Best”.

- Andy W.

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Patient Review by Bea P.

I’m here in Denver with my family showing off my smile. It looks and feels great. Wanting you to know how much I appreciate your artistry.

- Bea P.

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Patient Review by David K.

I shall always be in your debt for giving my teeth a second life. You worked patiently, all the while putting my needs above your time. It’s a rare professional who continues to do that. May your practice flourish for years to come.

- David K.

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Patient Review by T.D.

Dr. L.G. always said you were “the best in town” and now I understand why. You are one of the most caring and compassionate medical professionals I’ve encountered in my career. You provided an honest and straightforward evaluation of my dental situation. You listen patiently…. and ask meaningful follow-up questions. You don’t name-drop. Your professional reputation precedes you. Your knowledge and expertise are indisputable. It was a pleasure to finally meet you, Dr. Supowitz.

- T.D.

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