Green Dentistry

Being environmentally responsible…

Eco-friendly dentistry protects the immediate health of patients and team members, protects the health of the surrounding community, and protects the health of the global community and its natural resources. Drs. Supowitz practices eco-friendly dentistry through the following equipment, methods, and procedures.

  • A dry vacuum (suction) system is used throughout the facility. Conventional suction systems waste water, whereas the dry system does not require water and so saves hundreds of gallons of water.
  • The compressor, supplying air to the dental equipment throughout the office, utilizes another new dry technology. This technology protects patients health. Ultra-dry air eliminates damp conditions in air lines that, left on their own, would promote bacterial growth and the potential for infection.
  • Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation patients receive by up to 90%. The process also eliminates lead foil, plastic waste and toxic processing chemicals that are usually discharged into the environment.
  • We are a Mercury Free Office, meaning that we do not use silver fillings nor has this office ever been the historical site of placing silver fillings. There is thus no trace of mercury contamination from our carpeting, flooring, and equipment (dental chairs).
  • The dental office uses distilled water and water which passes through a high filtration unit.
  • Air Quality has been a top priority in the design of our dental office. The exchange rate of old/new air is high. In addition to high filtration exhaust units, exhaust fans/hood have been distributed in strategic areas of the office, contributing to a healthy air quality for both patients and staff.
  • Large windows line the external walls of our office space permitting abundant natural daylight to enter. Full spectrum lighting is also present throughout the office space to replicate natural daylight. This all contributes to a healthy environment.
  • The office was designed to meet the standards of LEED certification. LEED promotes sustainability by recognizing performance in water savings, energy efficiency, material selection and indoor environmental quality.