Did You Know?

The creation of this section of our website was inspired and composed by a gifted communicator and appreciative patient who clearly identified the value and the level of care he received from prosthodontist Dr. Martin Supowitz.

• Did you know that many bargain cosmetic solutions for teeth are no bargains at all?

Although one can always get care for less, the value in getting exceptional dental care is that you substantially increase your chances of a smile that not only looks great and lasts longer, but that it is exceptionally easy to maintain with few or no complications or side-effects. If you choose the right professional, like Dr. Supowitz, what you pay for is good value. Patients who come to Dr. Supowitz should understand that the time invested in getting your restorations to look aesthetically pleasing and fit precisely is time you will benefit from on the other end, enjoying your restorations for years to come.

• Did you know that the appearance of your teeth matter to how others view us?

Even a subtle change in your smile helps to project an image of self- confidence and high personal esteem. When you feel good about yourself, it shows in your appearance. When you feel free to smile, your world fills with smiles back to you.

• Did you know that teeth are lifelong investments?

Your smile and teeth are your front door to the world and the point of contact for your nourishment. We never stop interacting and eating. Poor dental hygiene compromises both.

• Did you know that healthy teeth reflect on your general health?

Healthy looking teeth and gums reflect on your overall well-being. Research has shown a link between the bacteria in your mouth and health risks such as cardiovascular disease. More than we think, our physical health may depend on a healthy mouth.

• Did you know that technological changes in dentistry can allow just about anyone with the commitment and resources to have the smile they always dreamed of having?

Advances in dentistry from surgical to restorative techniques can often achieve results once thought impossible, an aesthetic mouth restoration which is sure and sturdy.

• Did you know that many dentists can give you cosmetic solutions that may simply not last and that only few — like Dr. Supowitz—are trained to give you cosmetic solutions that do?

Trained in advanced restorative techniques at a highly ranked university, Dr. Supowitz remains a devoted student of his craft and a generous colleague to his peers. He is widely recognized for making his patients satisfaction his top priority.