Philosophy & Distinction

Philosophy and Distinction

Dr. Martin Supowitz - Prosthodontist & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Martin Supowitz is committed to providing exceptional dental care for his patients. Unlike many restorative dentists, Dr. Supowitz performs many of the fabrication steps himself in the creation of the temporary and final restorations. Even in the fabrication of temporary restorations, Dr. Supowitz takes great care to create a result that is aesthetic and allows the patient to smile and function confidently. Dr. Supowitz puts time and thought into every step of the patients treatment, knowing that forethought and precision at every step of the process leads to a superior final result. Dr. Supowitz‘s patients come to appreciate this forethought and precision with every visit and they come to learn firsthand that it pays off for them.

The Importance of Communication

Drs. Supowitz desire their patients to be fully informed about all aspects of their treatment. They encourage questions and see themselves as patient advocates and educators. They believe an enlightened patient can more effectively monitor the quality of their care and participate in decisions that lead to outcomes that will leave them satisfied. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We know that word of mouth is the best source of future referrals.