Dentist & Dental Student Testimonials

I have been working with Dr. Supowitz for the past 19 years. His caring and conscientious demeanor immediately puts patients at ease. He takes great pride in his work, which is apparent in the outstanding esthetics and results which he achieves. Dr. Supowitz is simply an excellent practitioner.

Jim M., Periodontist

Dr. Supowitz exemplifies the best of dentistry. Not only are his skills and knowledge unparalleled, his impeccable aesthetic raises dentistry to the realm of art!

Larry L., General Dentist

Dr. Supowitz’s temporaries (crowns & bridges) are better than most dentists final restorations.

over a dozen dentists

I saw Judy’s final restorations yesterday. Unbelievably nice!! She’s so excited. I suspect you will be seeing some of her friends as new patients, Thanks again

Jeff DMD

Dr. Marty – I wanted to express my gratitude for your continuing to take the time to help me become a better dentist. I aspire to be like you. You are a great dentist, a top-notch educator and above all a fine person.

Shawn E., General Dentist

Dr. Supowitz, I wanted to thank you again for fabricating an unbelievable provisional (temporary bridge) for me! Not many instructors would be willing to take on such a task and stay until 6 pm on a Friday. I hope to learn more of your techniques, thanks again!

David K., Dental Student

Dr. Supowitz, I wanted to thank you personally for everything you did to help me succeed over the past year. Specifically, I wanted to thank you for your guidance, advice and patience as I learned to be a successful dentist. You really go the extra mile for the dental students, and I didn’t want you to think your dedication goes unnoticed. I truly appreciate you and your commitment to our futures. Thank you!

Monica C., Dental Student